Our Projects

For the first time in Colombia, the work of assembly and installation of a flight deck was carried out. This was done to the ARC CARIBE Colombian Navy vessel, which is type  OSV (Off Shore Supply Vessel) for the Colombian Navy this is  multipurpose oceanographic vessel.

The flight deck of the “ARC Caribe” will allow strengthening support operations for evacuations, firefighting, personnel transportation, emergency attention, among others; thus increasing the capabilities of the General Maritime Directorate (Dimar) in favor of comprehensive maritime security and marine scientific research

Others Jobs made aboard of the ARC Caribe:

  • Propulsion Shaft Alignment (Port Side Shaft)
  • Repair of the 2 and 30 ton crane.
  • Dialysis of Bow thruster oil Number 2
  • Supply and installation of pipeline fire system for the flight deck.

Major Repairs, Modernization of access doors, hatches, Portholes, windows.

For hatches and doors; Thordon Thorplas hubs were installed, making the ARC Providence the first vessel to keep these elements free of maintenance; which means reduction of maintenance costs and change of parts.

Additionally, a modern console was installed with renewal of equipment for navigation aids, as well as equipment that was not in operation was recovered.

In the same way the supply service and installation of the vinyl floor for ship’s bridge was provided. The work consisted in the dismantling of the elements subject to the floor, dismantling of the existing floor, cleaning and surface preparation, and verification of the leveling of the floor. Supply of “Streamo Karavel” floor (The vinyl floor for heavy traffic, with IMO certification).

In 2013 Delta Marine and Rivers SAS designed and built the Vessel named RIO ESMERALDA for Urra Hydroelectric with excellent results. This boat is unique in its type since it was manufactured to dredge and collect the wooden logs that obstruct the suction gate of the Francis-type turbines of the Urra hydroelectric plant at a depth of 40 meters. The boat is detachable and transportable by modules via land, on board trucks.


Length: 20 mt

Beam: 9.10

Strut: 3.0 mt 


  • Dredged at 40 meters depth
  • Propelled by two hidraulic thruster with a power of 300 hp.

Cleaning, application of paint scheme to pipes and change of thermal insulation

Supply and change of bearings for the propeller shaft lines, the bearings supplied were Thordon SXL, encapsulated in a carbon steel liners, because these would be fixed to the interior of the strut and stern bearing after alignment, their fixation was made by the application of an epoxy resin, which generates high temperatures during its chemical setting process.

Bearings used until that moment for this vessel was Bronze Rubber bearings but the life time in operation was very short, it was decided by the customer to change to Thordon SXL bearings for all the advantages that these bushings offer.

Design, supply and installation of catchment system, filtration and water supply for cooling and lubrication of TG-100 seals and Rivertough bearings in their Pushers.

Impala pushers in their original design had installed the system of shafts inside the stern tunnels bathed in oil, due to navigation conditions through the Magdalena River, the system had constant failures and latent risks of water contamination and a high consumption of oil.

the implementation of Thordon Rivertough hubs was developed in replacement of the bronze bushings that had the system of shafts bathed by oil, in the same way the seals of the shaft lines were replaced by Thordon TG-100 seals, due to this the system happened to be a closed system of metallic bushings lubricated by oil, to a system of elastomeric bushings lubricated by water

This company had a recurring failure in the bronze bushings that support the shaft on which the sieve filters are installed; the bushings were replaced every three months, affecting the operation and reliability of the plant.

TEBSA contacted us to analyze the failure and present a solution in this regard, we presented the implementation of Thordon Thorplas Blue Bearings; when replacing the bushings, its operation and reliability were monitored periodically, the first replacement even though they still had slack to continue operating, it was done two years after having installed them.

This has represented savings in the periodicity of purchase of bushings as well as savings in costs associated with the stop of equipment for maintenance.