About Us


DELTA MARINE AND RIVER SERVICES SA,  with more than 8 years of experience, is dedicated to the design, production and diagnosis of any type of vessel and related. The company is of type S.A.S and was founded on November 20th of 2010 in the city of CARTAGENA DE INDIAS.

Nowadays, thanks to the efforts made by  the company has managed to keep in the market offering quality in everything it does, all its employees are highly trained and it has its own headquarters located in the neighborhood  EL BOSQUE Trasnversal 44D # 21 A – 71 from  CARTAGENA DE INDIAS.

It has a Fluvial Shipyard License from the Ministry of Transport and a Commercial Exploitation License as a Naval Repair Workshop by the Colombian Maritime Authority.


In DELTA MARINE AND RIVER SERVICES SAS we are dedicated to diagnose and provide solutions to clients of the maritime, river and related industries, supported by a Integral management with the purpose of meeting the needs of customers, taking care of the environment and ensuring the safety of all its workers.


In 2020 DELTA MARINE AND RIVER SERVICES S.A.S will be the leader in Central America and the Caribbean in the area of diagnostics and solutions aimed at the maritime and fluvial industry with high quality services and under the international parameters of safety and environment.


Manager and founding partner of de DELTA MARINE AND RIVER SERVICES S.A.S. Jorge Luis Velez Ballesteros; Captain and Naval Engineer, with 38 years of professional experience, of which 30 was in the service of the Colombian Navy

Director of Shipyard COTECMAR Bocagrande from December 2003 to April 2005.

Director of COTECMAR Mamonal Shipyard in two periods from April 2005 to December 2007 and from April 2008 to January 2010

Project manager for the modernization of oceanographic vessels ARC Malpelo and ARC Providencia; these vessels are in charge of DIMAR, which is a section of the Colombian Navy.